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Self-driving commercial trucks are on the horizon

Truck accidents are some of the deadliest on the Mississippi highways. FindLaw confirms that commercial truck accidents tend to be worse than accidents involving passenger-vehicles. This is because of the size differences and the weight these trucks carry. Research shows that truck drivers are aware of this and actually drive more carefully on the road than other drivers, but they still account for thousands of fatalities every year in America.

Truck drivers fight to keep insurance payouts to victims low

All car accidents in Mississippi have the potential to be deadly. When trucks are involved, the risk of death and severe injury is significantly higher. The sheer size of a truck is enough reason for concern. The fact that many of these accidents involve sleepy drivers, so no brakes are applied is even more concerning. In these situations, insurance payouts are often all families can rely on to help to pay for the medical costs of treating survivors.

FMCSA targets trucking accidents with technology

Implementation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s electronic logging device rule is nearing the full compliance phase. The use of these devices, or ELDs, will be mandatory starting December 16, 2019. With few exceptions, the rule applies to carriers and truck operators who are currently required to maintain records of their duty status.

Technology could help to reduce truck accidents

In 2014, truck accidents surged to an all-time high all across the country. Mississippi was no exception. In fact, CNN estimates that there is a fatal truck accident 11 times each day. Death tolls from these accidents add up to almost 4,000 every year. Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks also injure another 100,000 people every year.

Reckless truck drivers and devastating crashes

Any type of traffic collision could lead to serious injuries and lost lives, whether the accident involves a motorcycle, pickup truck or passenger vehicle. However, crashes that involve large trucks can be particularly devastating. Aside from the sheer size of these massive vehicles, which can be disastrous in a collision with smaller vehicles, it is also important to keep in mind that large truck drivers may not be able to slow down right away. As a result, these accidents sometimes involve a large truck slamming into a small vehicle while traveling at dangerous speeds, and the outcome can be fatal.

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