Report: Insulin pumps lead all medical devices in reported problems

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Diabetics can face many challenges in keeping their condition properly managed. One class of medical device that many people with diabetes use to help with these challenges are insulin pumps. These are small computerized devices aimed at helping diabetics with maintaining proper insulin levels. Hundreds of thousands of such devices are used globally. Children make up a fair portion of insulin pump users.

Unfortunately, individuals sometimes encounter problems with such devices. According to a recent Associated Press analysis of a federal database of reports of problems with medical devices, since 2008, more such reports have been made over insulin pumps than for any other type of medical device.

Problems with insulin pumps could lead to injuries, such as injuries resulting from a diabetic’s insulin levels not being properly managed. The AP analysis found that insulin pumps had the second-highest level of reported injuries of any medical device. The No. 1 spot was held by metal hip replacements.

Many different things could lead to medical devices causing harm to their users. One such thing are such devices malfunctioning. Legal action can generally be pursued over harm caused by malfunctioning medical devices. Among the things that can be challenging when it comes to such legal claims is proving that a device malfunctioned and that this malfunction was behind harm a person suffered.

So, evidence issues can matter a great deal when pursuing such claims. Skilled attorneys can help individuals who are bringing legal claims in connection to injuries related to insulin pumps or other medical devices with evidence matters and other key issues.

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