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Self-driving commercial trucks are on the horizon

Truck accidents are some of the deadliest on the Mississippi highways. FindLaw confirms that commercial truck accidents tend to be worse than accidents involving passenger-vehicles. This is because of the size differences and the weight these trucks carry. Research shows that truck drivers are aware of this and actually drive more carefully on the road than other drivers, but they still account for thousands of fatalities every year in America.

Accidents are not the only problems plaguing the truck driving industry. They also struggle to hire enough drivers to keep up with consumer demand for more goods and faster deliveries. This puts extra pressure on current truck drivers, leading to more tired truck drivers on the road. One solution that automakers now propose is self-driving trucks.

Getting the most out of your car accident claim

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can turn into an expensive, frustrating nightmare for victims who do not know how to navigate the insurance claim system. While it is always important to carry proper insurance coverage to protect yourself, insurance companies still look for any reason to avoid paying compensation to victims, and getting a full settlement can take time and resources that many victims do not expect.

If you or someone you love recently experienced a car accident, then you should begin building a strong personal injury claim as soon as you can. This includes gathering evidence to demonstrate the cause of the accident, as well as documenting your medical expenses and any other losses that the accident caused.

What are subtle signs of nursing home neglect?

Sometimes it is easy to tell that your elderly relative has suffered injury because of the neglect of nursing home staff. But are there subtle ways to tell that your loved one in a nursing home is suffering? You may need to look a little closer at the physical and emotional state of your senior relative to understand that a Mississippi nursing home staff may not be providing the proper care.

Next Avenue explains that neglected nursing home residents may exhibit poor hygiene. There are many nursing home residents who require assistance with daily tasks like getting dressed, teeth brushing, bathing, nail clipping and hair combing. If the nursing home is not helping residents with these tasks, the residents themselves have to conduct their own hygiene. Unfortunately, many residents are too infirm to properly accomplish these tasks.

Truck drivers fight to keep insurance payouts to victims low

All car accidents in Mississippi have the potential to be deadly. When trucks are involved, the risk of death and severe injury is significantly higher. The sheer size of a truck is enough reason for concern. The fact that many of these accidents involve sleepy drivers, so no brakes are applied is even more concerning. In these situations, insurance payouts are often all families can rely on to help to pay for the medical costs of treating survivors.

Unfortunately, with truck drivers only required to carry $750,000 of liability coverage, families are left wanting. After fees are paid, some families do not receive even half of this figure. This forces them to dip into their own pockets to pay for medical expenses. It also burdens the Social Security fund, when the insurance money runs out, as survivors are often unable to work. Some may never have anything close to the lives they once lived.

How can I ease back into work life after a traumatic car crash?

After suffering from a traumatic car crash in Massachusetts, returning to work was probably the last thing on your mind. Your first priority was getting better, which is as it should be. However, as medical bills begin to pile up and that first sting of boredom begins to settle in from being at home all day, you may actually find yourself missing those 40 hours per week at work.

Forbes recommends that before taking any decision to return to work, consider safety. Is the work building truly set up for a recovering employee to exit, enter and maneuver around without potentially causing further injury? The type of work should also be taken into consideration. If there was heavy lifting involved or long, stressful work hours, this may not be ideal for recovering from the physical and mental effects of a traumatic motor vehicle accident.

What will my car insurance cover in the event of a car accident?

If you have a car accident in Massachusetts, what your car insurance covers depends on a number of factors. The first factor is whether or not you were determined to be at fault. The second is what your insurance policy includes. Another consideration is what your deductible is. And finally, the insurance company will need to know who was driving. If this is not your car or insurance policy, you may not be covered.

According to CNN, the majority of U.S. states require drivers to carry bodily injury liability as part of their insurance plan. In this instance, the auto insurance company covers the cost of rehabilitation, medical treatment, or in the worst-case scenario, funeral arrangements. Lawyers’ fees and settlements related to pain and suffering may also be covered by the company. However, your deductible decides how much money you need to pay upfront before the insurance kicks in.

How to stay safe when sharing the road with large trucks

Sharing the road with large trucks is easier said than done, as these vehicles take up a lot of space and truckers don't always obey the law.

There are a variety of tips you can follow to maintain your safety when sharing the road with large trucks in Mississippi, with these five among the most important:

  • Avoid blind spots: Just because you can see a truck doesn't mean its driver can see you. There are blind spots on all four sides of a commercial truck, so do your best to stay out of these areas. For example, if you drive next to a truck for an extended period of time, the driver may lose sight of where you are.
  • Keep a safe following distance: This should hold true no matter what types of vehicles are around you, but it's particularly important with commercial trucks. By leaving enough space, you're in position to stop, without incident, in the event of an emergency.
  • Pass safely: When driving on the highway, there will be times when you need to pass a slow moving truck. It's okay to do so, as long as you follow the rules of the road. This means maintaining a safe speed, using the left lane and leaving enough space when pulling back in front of the truck.
  • Watch for wide turns: Truckers have no choice but to make wide turns when driving in the city. If you get stuck next to a truck when it's making a wide turn, you increase the likelihood of an accident.
  • Remain patient: For instance, it's easy to become impatient when driving behind a slow truck. If you let this get the best of you, there's a greater risk of an accident.

FMCSA targets trucking accidents with technology

Implementation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s electronic logging device rule is nearing the full compliance phase. The use of these devices, or ELDs, will be mandatory starting December 16, 2019. With few exceptions, the rule applies to carriers and truck operators who are currently required to maintain records of their duty status.

The aim of the new rule is to improve hours-of-service compliance, thus creating a safer working environment for truckers by ensuring they are not pushed into driving for more hours than is safe and recommended. By reducing the number of trucking accidents each year, the rule will also improve general traffic safety for drivers in Mississippi and throughout the U.S.

In Mississippi, what are the grounds for divorce?

Deciding to end your marriage may be a difficult decision to for you make, and you probably have thought carefully about your reasons for making that decision. However, when you file for divorce, you will be asked to supply a legally valid reason, called a ground, for divorce.

Mississippi recognizes 12 fault-based grounds for divorce and one no-fault ground for divorce. It is important to choose your ground carefully because it can affect the outcome of your divorce.

Technology could help to reduce truck accidents

In 2014, truck accidents surged to an all-time high all across the country. Mississippi was no exception. In fact, CNN estimates that there is a fatal truck accident 11 times each day. Death tolls from these accidents add up to almost 4,000 every year. Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks also injure another 100,000 people every year.

Why is this happening in the trucking industry? There are a lot of reasons on the table, but chief among them is that truck drivers are overworked. Truck driving means long hours on the road away from family and not always receiving a high salary to make up for it. In fact, the trucking industry is struggling to keep up with consumer demand.

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