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Medical errors are a leading cause of deaths in the US

Many patients in Mississippi have suffered personal injuries as a result of medical malpractice. Though negligence may not always be the cause of medical errors, it nonetheless presents an issue that needs to be addressed. A harrowing fact reported by CNN is that most medical errors go unnoticed.

In the article, CNN referenced a study by doctors at John Hopkins, claiming that medical errors may account for more deaths in America than even bronchitis and emphysema. To accept this as truth is also to accept that this would make medical errors the third-leading cause of death in America, right behind heart disease and cancer.

Assessing when elderly drivers should be told to quit

Being able to drive anywhere in Mississippi without having to rely on friends, family or public transportation for assistance is something that many people appreciate. Driving provides a measure of independence that is not easily matched by other responsibilities. However, there does come a time when age begins to be hazardous in people's ability to make appropriate decisions while driving. Assessing when and how to encourage elderly family members to quit driving is a struggle for many families. 

A recent study revealed that people over the age of 65 make up over 40 million of the drivers on roads around the nation. While many people are conflicted about how to bring up their concerns to their loved ones, it is suggested that they first observe the driving habits and skills of their family member before starting a discussion about discontinuing driving. They should also take into account the person's medical conditions and any drugs they are taking. They can encourage their loved one to take a driver safety course and should focus on their concerns about their family member's skills and ability to make decisions rather than his or her age. 

Can a car crash leave you with lasting brain injuries?

Unfortunately, the answer to the above question is yes. If you suffer head injuries in a Mississippi car crash, the result could be a traumatic brain injury that could negatively affect you for the rest of your life, not to mention leave you facing lifetime medical and other injury-related costs.

The Mayo Clinic defines a traumatic brain injury as one that causes your brain to become dysfunctional in one or more ways. Given that no two TBIs are exactly the same, yours could leave you with lasting speech impairment, vision and/or auditory impairment, cognitive and/or memory impairment, or a myriad of other debilitating symptoms that make your continued employment impossible, thereby adding to your financial stress as well as your physical and emotional stress.

Keeping your car prepared for emergencies

Right now the roads are less than perfect and Mississippi weather is unpredictable. That makes it a good time to revisit how to keep your car prepared in case of an emergency.

While no one can predict when trouble will strike, by being prepared you can help lessen the impact of any roadside disasters.

Reckless truck drivers and devastating crashes

Any type of traffic collision could lead to serious injuries and lost lives, whether the accident involves a motorcycle, pickup truck or passenger vehicle. However, crashes that involve large trucks can be particularly devastating. Aside from the sheer size of these massive vehicles, which can be disastrous in a collision with smaller vehicles, it is also important to keep in mind that large truck drivers may not be able to slow down right away. As a result, these accidents sometimes involve a large truck slamming into a small vehicle while traveling at dangerous speeds, and the outcome can be fatal.

There is a myriad of reasons why large truck crashes occur, whether someone driving a small passenger vehicle fails to switch lanes correctly or road conditions have deteriorated due to bad weather. However, some of these accidents are caused by a trucker driving while under the influence, using their phone or exhibiting some other form of reckless behavior on the road. Sadly, far too many truck drivers have disregarded the safety of others on the road (and their own well-being), a potentially deadly decision.

Sleet, ice and car accidents

The roads can be treacherous in certain parts of the country during the winter months, and for many people it makes no sense to get behind the wheel at certain times. However, people do drive during poor weather conditions, including times when the road may be covered in sleet or even ice. However, doing so can be incredibly dangerous, especially when a driver is inexperienced with these road conditions (such as someone who recently moved from a warmer area) or irresponsible (such as someone who is driving way too fast or under the influence of alcohol).

Sadly, accidents caused by icy roads have claimed many lives. Furthermore, there may be ice present on the roadway even if conditions appear to be fine. Black ice can hide in certain areas, such as those which do not receive a lot of sunlight, and drivers can lose control of their car after going over a patch of black ice. Ice and sleet can be especially problematic when it comes to driving around sharp turns or on a hill. Drivers should slow down and be careful on the road if they are concerned about ice or other problematic road conditions. At times, it may be smart to stay off the road completely.

Driving in Mississippi in the Winter

When it comes to snow, Mississippians fall into one of two camps: you love it, or you hate it. Love it or not, winter has come to Mississippi. Mid-November, just as everyone was preparing their plans for Thanksgiving and beginning to get into the holiday spirit, a wintery mix of snow and ice blew in. School schedules were adjusted accordingly to reduce the number of people on the roads.

If there's one thing we know about snow and ice in Mississippi, it makes for unpleasant driving conditions, at best.

Career challenges after a crash

A motor vehicle accident can lead to all sorts of different hardships for those involved in the wreck and their family members. Some people pass away, of course, while others are seriously hurt. Emotional and financial hardships are not uncommon, either, and there are other ways in which a traffic collision can turn someone’s life upside down. Often, people who are hurt in motor vehicle accidents encounter problems related to their career. Whether they cannot work anymore or need to look for a new job, this can be unsettling, and it can also lead to other difficulties (such as financial hardship).

If you were involved in an auto accident that left you with an injury, you may be struggling to walk or unable to perform certain tasks at your place of work. These injuries may affect you temporarily or they may result in a lasting disability that will affect you for the rest of your life. You might have to miss work for a matter of weeks or you may need to find a new career because you will never be able to perform your job responsibilities again.

When a skateboarder is hit by a negligent driver

Careless drivers cause many accidents, and some do not involve other vehicles. For example, a reckless driver could hit a pedestrian or slam into someone who is riding a skateboard. Whether a skateboarder is hit by a driver while trying to perform a trick in a particular area or they are struck while simply riding alongside the road, filing a lawsuit may be necessary in some cases. If your child was hit, you should do everything in your power to help them afterward, and this may also mean taking legal action.

There are many reasons why reckless drivers hit skateboarders and people riding other types of human-powered land vehicles such as scooters. Some may be drunk, while others may not pay attention to the speed limit or drive carefully while heading around a sharp turn. Some drivers may veer off of the road, especially during the night or when visibility is poor due to fog. No excuse can be made for a careless driver who causes a skateboarder to become hurt or killed, and many victims have found themselves in this position.

Report: Insulin pumps lead all medical devices in reported problems

Diabetics can face many challenges in keeping their condition properly managed. One class of medical device that many people with diabetes use to help with these challenges are insulin pumps. These are small computerized devices aimed at helping diabetics with maintaining proper insulin levels. Hundreds of thousands of such devices are used globally. Children make up a fair portion of insulin pump users.

Unfortunately, individuals sometimes encounter problems with such devices. According to a recent Associated Press analysis of a federal database of reports of problems with medical devices, since 2008, more such reports have been made over insulin pumps than for any other type of medical device.

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