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FMCSA targets trucking accidents with technology

Implementation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s electronic logging device rule is nearing the full compliance phase. The use of these devices, or ELDs, will be mandatory starting December 16, 2019. With few exceptions, the rule applies to carriers and truck operators who are currently required to maintain records of their duty status.

Technology could help to reduce truck accidents

In 2014, truck accidents surged to an all-time high all across the country. Mississippi was no exception. In fact, CNN estimates that there is a fatal truck accident 11 times each day. Death tolls from these accidents add up to almost 4,000 every year. Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks also injure another 100,000 people every year.

What is negligent entrustment?

Many in Batesville may joke about having to watch out when a new teenage driver takes to the road, yet the reality is that teens do in fact present a greater risk to others than do experienced motorists. You understand the need to share the road with new drivers (after all, how are they to gain the experience needed in order to overcome the issues green drivers experience?), yet that understanding offers little solace when you are faced with the consequences of a car accident that such a driver caused. Seeking compensation in such a scenario may seem pointless due to the fact that the teen probably has little that they might be able to compensate you with. 

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