Assessing when elderly drivers should be told to quit

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Being able to drive anywhere in Mississippi without having to rely on friends, family or public transportation for assistance is something that many people appreciate. Driving provides a measure of independence that is not easily matched by other responsibilities. However, there does come a time when age begins to be hazardous in people’s ability to make appropriate decisions while driving. Assessing when and how to encourage elderly family members to quit driving is a struggle for many families. 

A recent study revealed that people over the age of 65 make up over 40 million of the drivers on roads around the nation. While many people are conflicted about how to bring up their concerns to their loved ones, it is suggested that they first observe the driving habits and skills of their family member before starting a discussion about discontinuing driving. They should also take into account the person’s medical conditions and any drugs they are taking. They can encourage their loved one to take a driver safety course and should focus on their concerns about their family member’s skills and ability to make decisions rather than his or her age. 

One safety course in New York provided students with opportunities to refresh their memory about important driving practices and rules of the road. When people are involved in this type of educational course, they may be able to reach the conclusion on their own that perhaps it is time for them to discontinue driving. When families are discussing approaching an elderly member with their concerns, it should be done with respect as giving up driving is something that has shown to affect an elderly person’s health and wellness. 

If people have been injured in a car accident, an attorney may be able to help them work through the aftermath. An experienced legal professional has the tools and knowledge to work through various angles as they develop a compelling case. 

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