What are signs of driver’s fatigue?

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As a driver in Mississippi, it is important for you to stay safe on the roads. While many people think of driving under the influence or distracted driving when they think of dangerous driving behaviors, we at Bailey, Womble & Yelton will discuss another, lesser-discussed danger: fatigued driving.

Driver’s fatigue is a situation in which you, the driver, experience fatigue or exhaustion while on the road. This may be because you didn’t get enough sleep before driving, or because you have been driving for too long without a break.

Fatigue can manifest in several different ways and can be mental, emotional and physical. Mentally, you may find it harder to concentrate. You could have a slowed reaction time, such as finding it difficult to stop before hitting a car ahead of you that has suddenly put on its brakes.

Physically, you could find yourself nodding off. Your grip may slip on the wheel. Your foot could press down too hard on the gas, causing you to speed and potentially crash into other vehicles around you. Your eyes may close without you realizing it, and even a few seconds with your eyes off of the road can be deadly.

Emotionally, you may be more susceptible to becoming upset or experience bursts of road rage that can lead to rash decision making.

If you notice these signs of fatigue while driving, you may want to pull off to the nearest rest stop in order to get some rest before continuing. Otherwise, you could end up in a crash that may require you to contact an attorney.

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