What challenges do trucks face in work zones?

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According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, over 700 people die in work zones on average per year. This is in part because of big vehicles like trucks and buses. Large trucks in particular make up a larger share of work zone accidents. Here is a look at the challenges trucks face in work zones and what Mississippi truck drivers can do to promote safer driving. 

It is a universal rule to watch the road, but that rule becomes more important while navigating a work zone. You will notice signs up ahead that warn you to reduce speed or to change lanes. Traffic cones may also block lanes. Larger scale work projects might involve cranes or pile driving equipment. All of these possibilities will require motorists to navigate more slowly and tightly to avoid obstacles and workers. 

The problem with large trucks is their size and the added distance required to slow down. For that reason, truck drivers should keep an eye on the road and take action sooner than other drivers. This may entail slowing down or changing lanes before running the risk of catching a smaller vehicle or work zone equipment in a blind spot. Since it is common for big trucks to rear end another vehicle, maintaining wide space between vehicles is also crucial. 

Truck drivers could save themselves some driving pain and decrease the chances of an auto accident by doing some research ahead of time. If you investigate your route ahead of time, you may discover a road renovation project is currently in progress. This gives you time to look for an alternate route that allows you to bypass the work zone entirely. 

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