Can hands-free technology make distracted driving safe?

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Mississippi drivers like you know that distracted driving is dangerous. But sometimes, it is somewhat unavoidable. If you need to check your GPS, you end up distracted. But if you did not have the ability to navigate, you would get lost and face an even bigger distraction.

For years, people have tried to find a way to use technological devices inside cars. Hands-free technology touts itself as the answer to these problems. But is it?

Why hands-free tech does not always help

The National Safety Council believes hands-free devices do not guarantee driver safety. This is because it addresses two out of the three primary concerns of distracted driving. These areas include:

  • Keeping your hands on the wheel when you drive
  • Keeping your mind on the road
  • Keeping your eyes on the road

You face physical, visual and cognitive distractions every time you hit the road. Technology is dangerous because it distracts you in all three categories at once.

The dangers of cognitive distraction

Hands-free technology should address these issues. But it only addresses physical and visual distractions. It allows you to keep your hands on the wheel. It also lets you keep your eyes on the road. It is true that these pieces are crucial to driver safety. But without the third component, you cannot guarantee you will remain safe.

In fact, some studies show that hands-free tech contributes to cognitive distractions. It also offers drivers a false sense of security. They feel safe when in reality they are not out of danger. This may lead to an increase in crashes. It is something for drivers to keep in mind before they get too comfortable.

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