Running late and pedestrian accidents

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Pedestrians face many hazards on the road, such as drunk drivers, areas that see a lot of chaotic traffic, poor road conditions due to inclement weather and so on. However, some are more likely to become involved in an accident as a result of rushing. 

Whether a pedestrian is in a rush or they are hit by a driver who is driving erratically because they are short on time, it is imperative for pedestrians to watch out while walking near traffic. Sadly, many lives are lost and a lot of pedestrians sustain serious injuries in these accidents. 

Reckless drivers 

Drivers are more likely to go over the speed limit when they are in a rush. Furthermore, some have a harder time watching out for pedestrians or passing other vehicles in a safe manner. Sometimes, drivers who are running late ignore traffic signs or run red lights, which is especially concerning if pedestrians are nearby. 

When pedestrians ignore hazards 

Some pedestrians also find themselves in a rush, such as those who walk to work and are short on time. Some pedestrians in this position ignore other vehicles or have difficulty following traffic guidelines, increasing the chances of an accident. For example, a pedestrian who is in a rush is more likely to cross the street improperly or fail to look out for traffic. 

If you were involved in a pedestrian accident while walking, it is important to look at your legal options. If a driver’s erratic or reckless behavior caused an accident, you deserve justice and should not remain silent in the wake of the hardships you are facing. Our law firm’s website covers a wide variety of topics related to motor vehicle collisions and the consequences of an accident. 

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