Accident involving log truck in Laurel kills one

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It may be easy for people in Mississippi to feel intimidated by the many large semi-trucks and tractor-trailers they see on the roads. Yet whatever they might feel is often tempered by the assumption that those driving these massive vehicles are highly skilled and hyper-aware of those they share the road with.

While that assumption proves true in many cases, one should also understand that truck drivers are still human, and as such, can make the same errors in judgment that everyone is subject to. Unfortunately, their errors often result in catastrophic consequences.

Collision with log carrier kills woman

This fact was on full display in a recent collision that occurred in Laurel. Per the Laurel Leader-Call, a sedan traveling on Highway 15 near Bush Diary Road executed a turn. A log carrier coming from the southbound lanes struck the sedan, causing the truck to overturn and spill its cargo of logs on to the roadway. While overturning, the truck came down on the sedan, killing one of its occupants.

Liability for truck accidents

Witnesses to the aforementioned accident claimed that the sedan had the right-of-way, implying that the fault for the accident lay with the truck driver. In such a case, most might assume that liability would begin and end with them. Yet what about the truck company that employs them?

One might argue that a truck driver is only in position to experience an accident due to their obligations to their employer. This might imply that liability for a truck accident should also extend to the employer. In many cases, it does, yet only if the driver’s actions fall under the scope of their employment. Making this determination might be difficult. Thus, one attempting to sort out liability in this situation may want to enlist the assistance of an experienced legal professional.


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