Mississippi work zones create hazards, fatality risks

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Road construction is a common sight across much of Mississippi, and the need for it continues to grow as communities expand and more motorists start using the same roadways. You would be wise to exercise care when you travel through the state’s work zones, though, as these areas create many injury and fatality hazards. 

According to the Mississippi Department of Transportation, there were 765 total work zone fatalities that occurred across the nation in 2018. Of those wrecks, 50% involved rear-end collisions, and 80% of those who died were not construction workers, but rather, motorists and passengers traveling through the work zone. 

Mississippi work zone statistics

Mississippi’s own work zone crash data mirrors that seen at the national level. In 2018, there were 35 reported crashes that took place within the state’s construction zones, and those 35 crashes resulted in 10 road fatalities. All 10 of those fatalities involved either a motorist or a passenger. However, 13 highway workers also suffered injuries in these incidents. 

Work zone safety tips

What might you do to increase the chance of you being able to navigate a Mississippi work zone safely? For starters, if you know a work zone exists in a particular area, avoid it if possible. If this is not realistic, give yourself extra time to navigate the road construction. Make sure, too, to keep a close eye on flaggers and obey all posted detour and other signs. 

If you do find yourself involved in a work zone car wreck, make sure to document the scene if injuries do not prevent you from doing so. Take pictures of the vehicles involved, the work zone itself and any other conditions that may have contributed to the crash. 

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