2 risks that you take when you visit a casino in Mississippi

| Sep 5, 2021 | Personal Injury |

The Mississippi casino industry is a huge tourist draw that employs hundreds of people. Enjoying a little gambling in Mississippi can be a great way to mark a special occasion with loved ones or just turn a boring weekend into a fabulous one. 

You might go to a casino knowing that you are at risk of losing the money you bring to gamble, but you probably don’t expect to leave with an injury. However, there are some significant personal injury risks that you face while hitting up Mississippi casinos.

Slip-and-falls while in the casino  

Moving objects and people consuming alcohol can be a pretty dangerous combination. Casino boats, in particular, may put people at high risk of slip-and-falls. Especially if there aren’t enough staff members to keep the floors clean, you could slip and fall because someone else spilled a drink. If you suffer serious injuries due to bad maintenance or negligence, then you might have grounds for filing a premises liability claim against the casino.

Criminal activity in casinos is also a risk

Most casinos have security measures in place, but many of them have gaps. There may be areas without proper lighting, places that security guards don’t routinely check or blind spots that surveillance cameras don’t catch.

Security oversights by the casino are a form of negligence that puts their visitors at unnecessary risk. If you suffered some sort of assault or robbery while gambling in Mississippi, then the casino might have some liability for any injuries you have and the losses it caused. 

Learning about some of the more common causes of casino injuries can hope you stay safe and ask for the compensation you deserve if you get hurt.

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