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Steps to take if you get into a car accident

| Oct 29, 2021 | Car Accidents |

You’re at an intersection, one of the places where you’re statistically most likely to get involved in a crash. Sure enough, another driver hits your vehicle. 

Knowing how to react at that moment is very important. You clearly want to check on any injured individuals first, potentially including yourself. You also need to contact the authorities to get an accident report and medical treatment. But what else should you do at the scene? 

Remove the car and yourself from further danger

You may not be able to move the car, so you should try to get yourself and anyone else out of the road. This keeps a secondary accident from causing more injuries. If you can, you also want to move the car over to the side. 

Take photos and document everything 

Don’t assume the other driver will be honest. Pictures and other documentation can help show what happened. Take photos of the street, the lights, the position of the vehicles, the specific damage, any injuries and the other car’s license plate. 

Limit what you say 

You’ll need to talk to the other driver to exchange insurance information and contact information, but don’t say too much. Don’t admit fault, and don’t apologize — which can sound like an admission. Don’t get into an argument and escalate things. You’re best off to say as little as you can and just wait for the police. 

What comes next?

If you did get injured in that crash, your medical bills could be quite extensive. You must know how to seek compensation. The documentation you gathered above will really help your case. 


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