Texting while driving is illegal in Mississippi

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Sometimes, all it takes for a crash to occur is a moment of distraction by the driver. A distracted driver is more prone to accidents due to the lack of attention and concentration on the environment around them, which denies them the ability to react quickly and avert a potential disaster.

The statistics on distracted driving reveal the risks associated with the behavior, which is still on the rise despite extensive road safety awareness campaigns discouraging it. Cell phone use while driving is perhaps the most widespread form of driver distraction, which is why several states have made it unlawful for individuals to use their cell phones while driving.

The law in Mississippi

While Mississippi law does not expressly prohibit you from making or receiving phone calls while driving your personal car, it is against the law to text while driving. Texting in this context means reading or writing a text message or even making social media posts. 

The penalties depend on the circumstance of each case. For example, if a driver is caught texting while driving, they may face a fine of $100, and if their actions resulted in an accident, a fine of $500 might apply. Other serious consequences are also a possibility, depending on the extent of the crash caused by the distraction.

Always be prepared for any eventualities

The chances of encountering a distracted driver are high, given how people shrug off the dangers of road distractions. Therefore, it is important to be well prepared if a distracted driver causes an accident in which you suffer bodily harm or damage to property.

You ought to hold them accountable for their actions and possibly, get compensated for the damages suffered. However, it depends on how you handle everything, from proving their negligence to showing the damages they caused you.

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