Motorists must be aware of motorcyclists

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Motorcyclists have just as much right to be on the roads as other motorists. It’s imperative that everyone who’s on the roads takes the time to look for these vehicles. The small profile can make them hard to spot.

More than half of all motorcycle crashes that lead to a fatality involve another vehicle. In most cases, the motorcyclist isn’t the one to blame. All drivers should be sure that they’re respecting the right of way at all times, giving motorcycles theirs when it’s due to them.

Higher risks at intersections

Intersections are an area of particular concern for motorcycles. Roadside obstacles make it harder to see them in this area, so anyone who’s coming to an intersection should take extra care to watch for motorcycles. Motorists should remember that motorcycles are often closer than they seem. This is due in part to how small they are.

Motorcycles are very maneuverable vehicles, but they require nearly the same stopping distance as others. It’s best for all motorists to give motorcyclists at least 3 to 4 seconds of following distance to reduce the risk of rear-ending the motorcycle. Motorcyclists will often use their skills to avoid crashes, but that’s not always possible.

Any motorcyclist who suffers an injury in a crash should ensure they get medical care. These injuries are sometimes catastrophic, which dramatically changes their life. They may choose to seek compensation for the damages they have due to the wreck. This often includes compensation for lost wages and medical care, but there can also be other types. Mississippi law sets strict time limits for these cases, so get your case filed as quickly as possible. 


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