Product safety when colder weather hits

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While Mississippi isn’t known for having horrible winter storms, colder weather still happens during the winter months. In Batesville, crisp winter nights are common and snowflakes aren’t that unusual. You must ensure that you’re using the right tools and products to make winter life less miserable. 

There are a few things that might happen in these colder months. The chill in the air might make you turn to a space heater. A power outage could necessitate a generator. Ice storms could mean there are broken tree limbs on your property. Using products safely is critical so you can avoid injuries.

Space heater safety

Space heaters should only be used when you’re there to monitor them. They should be plugged directly into a wall because they pull too much power to run off an extension cord. Try to find a space heater with an anti-tipping safety mechanism that turns the unit off if it tips over. 

Generator safety

Only use a generator outside. They can produce toxic fumes that can be fatal if you use the generator in your home or another building. Make sure that the extension cords you use for items hooked to the generator are heavy-duty and rated for outdoor use. 

Chainsaw safety

You must ensure that you don’t come into contact with the blade on the chainsaw. Get a firm grasp on the handles and never try to overreach to clear branches. You should take your time and use the proper chainsaw. Trying to use a chainsaw that’s too small for the job could mean that you have to deal with kickback or jamming. 

Sometimes, consumers who are using products as intended and while following instructions are injured. Product liability lawsuits help these individuals to recover the financial damages they’re having to deal with because of the defective product. Working with someone who’s familiar with these cases can reduce the stress because they can build a case that shows the defendant’s negligence. Do this quickly because Mississippi law limits how long you have to file this claim after the injury occurs. 

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