Have your teeth been injured in a car crash?

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Numerous types of injuries can be suffered during a road traffic collision, with head and facial trauma being among the most serious. Even if you escape a head injury, you may suffer harm to your teeth and jaw bones.

Not only are dental injuries painful, but they can also impact how you live your life each day. Outlined below are some of the more common dental injuries suffered in car accidents.

Damaged jaw bones

After a crash, your face may start to swell immediately. If your face is swollen around the cheek area, this could be a sign that your jaw has been broken or dislocated. Sometimes, the exterior signs of the injury are not this obvious. However, you may begin to notice that you have difficulty chewing your food. It’s also not uncommon for damaged jaw bones to make cracking sounds when in motion.

Lost or broken teeth

While your teeth are relatively sturdy, they are not designed to absorb blunt trauma. If your face is affected by the impact of a collision, your teeth might be broken or knocked out completely. The result of this is that you will require dental surgery to fix the damage. This is not cheap and there will be significant amounts of discomfort involved. Even if the teeth are not chipped, broken or knocked out, they may become loose, which also requires a surgical repair.

If your teeth have been damaged because of another driver’s negligence, then you shouldn’t have to pick up the bill. Seeking some legal guidance will give you an idea of how you can obtain compensation for your pain and suffering.

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