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Why even slow-speed truck crashes have a high risk of fatality

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Fortunately, not all motor vehicle accidents lead to serious injuries. Some crashes are minor fender benders that occur when two vehicles traveling at relatively low speeds collide.

Lower traveling speeds mean less momentum than high-speed crashes, thus reducing the risk of death. However, truck accident injuries are typically serious even at relatively low speeds.

It’s all about momentum force

Vehicle momentum force is derived by multiplying its mass or weight by its travel speed (velocity). The larger and heavier the vehicle is, the greater the momentum force it will create.

Say that while driving your car, you and a semi are traveling toward each other at 55 mph each. The momentum force of the semi is substantially more than your own because it is much heavier than your car or even a pickup truck.

If you collide, your auto will sustain heavy damage, and so will your body because momentum forces must go somewhere. In severe crashes, your vehicle and your body will absorb these forces, leading to the possibility of catastrophic injury or death.

How the impact stops your car is also a factor

In a head-on collision between a car and a semi, the auto will likely stop moving immediately and abruptly. Unfortunately, this means you will absorb tremendous momentum forces.

If you can slow down before the impact, it reduces your momentum and possibly the risk of severe injury. In non-head-on truck accidents (side strikes, etc.), cars may continue traveling after impact, absorbing at least some momentum force and perhaps further reducing the risk of injury and death.

Trucking companies and drivers know how dangerous these heavy vehicles can be and therefore have a duty to practice caution. If they don’t and you suffer catastrophic injury or lose a loved one, explore your legal options under Mississippi accident compensation laws.

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