Beware of black ice this winter

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When you consider the states plagued with heavy snowfalls, Mississippi doesn’t make the list. But here in northern Mississippi, it is not that unusual to get snow during the winter months, even if it’s only a light dusting. 

But there is another driving hazard of which drivers should be aware – black ice. Below is an explanation of the phenomenon and some tips to help you safely navigate the highways during winter weather conditions.

What is black ice?

When the mercury drops, any precipitation can create an invisible slick of ice on the highways and interstates. It is hard to spot because, unlike regular ice, black ice is just a thin, transparent layer on the road. 

What happens when you hit a patch?

Suddenly, your car may fishtail as your tires lose traction with the surface of the road. You can easily slide into other lanes of traffic or even go into a spin and wind up facing the wrong way. That’s why black ice is so dangerous.

Steps to avoid black ice disasters

A good set of tires is your best defense from black ice accidents. If the conditions are right for black ice, forgo the cruise control. If you feel your vehicle going into a slide decrease speed without braking abruptly. Don’t jerk the steering wheel. Instead, turn your wheel in the direction of the skid. You also want to avoid hard braking. Once you get your car in line again, gently accelerate to get out of the patch of black ice.

If you are injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver, review all your avenues of compensation for your losses, damages and injuries.

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