4 Vehicle defects that can lead to an accident

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When you buy a car, you expect it to be up to standard. It should be manufactured and designed for your safety and convenience. Unfortunately, you may get into an accident and get injured due to defects in your vehicle.  

The Mississippi Lemon Law protects people who buy new cars for one year from the date of the purchase. The law may also protect buyers of used vehicles for not more than one year from the original date of the purchase. 

During this period, the manufacturer may be held responsible for defects that lead to an accident. Examples of such defects include:

Steering wheel faults

It is concerning when a steering wheel makes screeching noise when your turn it or rumbles when driving normally. This may be signs of an issue in the system. Eventually, it may be hard to turn the steering wheel. As a result, you may lose control of your vehicle. 

Braking system defects

Brakes are part of a vehicle’s safety system. Thus, it is dangerous when they are defective. Examples of faults include a soft and spongy brake pedal, leaking fluid and overheating brakes. 

Defective tires

Accidents associated with tires are mostly reported when a car is old due to wearing out. However, if a manufacturer installs substandard or the wrong tires in your vehicle or fails to mount them correctly, your new car may cause an accident. 

Faulty ignition switch

An ignition switch is an integral mechanism as it’s responsible for starting a car. But it may have defects that can lead to serious effects, such as shutting off the engine. If this happens in the middle of a highway, collisions may be worse.

Car manufacturers and designers have a duty to provide users with quality products. If a defect leads you to an accident, learn about your options to protect your rights.

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