What is a TBI and how do they happen?

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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a medical term used when the head suffers a forceful or violent blow, hit or strike. A TBI causes serious head and brain injuries to victims. Some TBIs are fatal and others may leave victims with permanent disabilities.

Many TBIs are caused by car accidents. Drivers and passengers often have no protection on their heads during an accident. While an airbag may absorb some shock, victims often suffer from injuries because of the sudden blow and shaking from the vehicle’s impact. 

Concussions are actually traumatic brain injuries

The most typical kind of TBI is a concussion. Many people who play sports frequently suffer from concussions. But, people who hit their heads during a car accident are likely to suffer concussions as well. 

A concussion happens when the head suffers a blow and the brain rattles around the skull. As the brain shakes back and forth, it releases chemicals. These chemicals can then alter and damage the brain by killing its cells. A serious concussion can result in the loss of consciousness. 

Brain bruising, swelling and bleeding are major concerns for TBI victims

The brain is extremely fragile. If a victim’s head is injured and the brain is hurt, then the brain could bruise. Unlike a minor bruise people would experience on their leg after hitting it on a table corner, a brain bruise could be fatal. 

The brain bruise could swell, which can put pressure on the skull and eventually bleed. Brain swelling and bleeding can lead to more damaged brain cells.

Protecting your interests is hard to do on your own

If you’re in an accident and suffering injuries, then you should seek medical help. However, medical bills can be expensive – and you may also have vehicle damages and other losses. If that happens, it’s wisest to consider your legal options when seeking fair compensation. 

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