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Careless drivers cause many accidents, and some do not involve other vehicles. For example, a reckless driver could hit a pedestrian or slam into someone who is riding a skateboard. Whether a skateboarder is hit by a driver while trying to perform a trick in a particular area or they are struck while simply riding alongside the road, filing a lawsuit may be necessary in some cases. If your child was hit, you should do everything in your power to help them afterward, and this may also mean taking legal action.

There are many reasons why reckless drivers hit skateboarders and people riding other types of human-powered land vehicles such as scooters. Some may be drunk, while others may not pay attention to the speed limit or drive carefully while heading around a sharp turn. Some drivers may veer off of the road, especially during the night or when visibility is poor due to fog. No excuse can be made for a careless driver who causes a skateboarder to become hurt or killed, and many victims have found themselves in this position.

Skateboarders are especially vulnerable for multiple reasons. For one, they may have difficulty moving out of the way of a car that is heading in their direction (as opposed to a pedestrian). Second, they are very vulnerable when they are struck by a vehicle that is so much larger, especially if it is traveling too fast. We firmly believe that negligent drivers who cause anyone to become hurt should never get away scot-free.