Sleet, ice and car accidents

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The roads can be treacherous in certain parts of the country during the winter months, and for many people it makes no sense to get behind the wheel at certain times. However, people do drive during poor weather conditions, including times when the road may be covered in sleet or even ice. However, doing so can be incredibly dangerous, especially when a driver is inexperienced with these road conditions (such as someone who recently moved from a warmer area) or irresponsible (such as someone who is driving way too fast or under the influence of alcohol).

Sadly, accidents caused by icy roads have claimed many lives. Furthermore, there may be ice present on the roadway even if conditions appear to be fine. Black ice can hide in certain areas, such as those which do not receive a lot of sunlight, and drivers can lose control of their car after going over a patch of black ice. Ice and sleet can be especially problematic when it comes to driving around sharp turns or on a hill. Drivers should slow down and be careful on the road if they are concerned about ice or other problematic road conditions. At times, it may be smart to stay off the road completely.

People drive during icy conditions for various reasons, such as those who need to get to work or take care of another important responsibility even though they would rather stay home. Accident victims whose lives are shattered by reckless drivers should explore potential legal options.

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