Does car insurance follow the driver?

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While you already know that having a certain level of car insurance is mandatory in Mississippi, you may have other questions about this type of coverage. Specifically, many people wonder whether car insurance follows the vehicle itself or the policyholder. attempts to answer these questions by describing how different types of car insurance work.

Liability coverage protects you when you’re deemed to be at fault for an accident. This insurance provides funds for injuries and property damage incurred by other drivers. It can also help you pay for court fees if you’re sued by another driver. In a sense, liability coverage follows the driver, provided you’re driving what is considered an eligible vehicle.

This is where the matter can become a bit confusing. Insurance agencies have different standards, which means that an eligible vehicle in one instance might not be covered in another. For example, a friend’s insured vehicle may be considered eligible, or it may not, depending on the details of your policy. In the same token, a rental car may or may not be covered depending on why it’s being rented. Consult your insurance documents for a clear understanding of any exclusions as they pertain to eligible vehicles.

Other types of insurance may be linked to the car itself. This is often the case when it comes to comprehensive and collision policies. These policies cover damage to your vehicle, whether caused by vandalism, theft, or even a collision with a wild animal. If a friend or loved is driving a vehicle and is not included on your insurance, he or she may be covered. Once again, it’s recommended that you consult with your insurance documents to determine the details of your policy so you can rest assured that you’re protected.

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