Steps to take after a hit-and-run car accident

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Car accidents are not always minor fender benders where everyone involved walks away without injuries or vehicle damage. Many motor vehicle collisions are the cause of negligent motorists who have no concern for others on the roads of Batesville and across Mississippi. As frightening and tragic as car accidents are, leaving the scene of a motor vehicle collision is a crime. People who leave the scenes of motor vehicle collisions leave the victims with an uphill battle, especially if those injured need to pursue damages and financial compensation to help them recover. 

It is not always possible to pursue a motorist who is in the wrong if that person does not stay on the scene to take accountability for her or his actions. However, you can limit the amount of stress, duress and challenges you encounter in the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident with the following pointers. 

Pay attention 

In hit-and-run car accidents, you have limited time to gather visual evidence from the other vehicle. Try to remember everything you can about the car and driver who hit your vehicle. Every detail you can provide to law enforcement goes into a report, which can aid the investigation and substantiate your insurance and personal injury claim. 

Contact the authorities 

Call law enforcement to inform them about the incident. When they arrive on the scene, tell them everything you can remember about the event. Even if you believe that your actions may have contributed to the accident, do not make any statements that place any fault on yourself. 

Document the scene 

If possible, gather your own evidence. Take photos of all vehicle damage, the accident location, and potential injuries. Write down everything that you can remember about the accident while it is still fresh on your mind. 

Get medical attention 

Depending on the severity of the accident, you may receive medical treatment at the scene. Though there is the possibility of you not showing signs of serious or immediate injuries, you should seek out medical attention in the days afterward to rule out any delayed or hidden trauma. Getting medical care after a motor vehicle collision also establishes documentation that you can also use to substantiate your insurance and personal injury claims. 

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