Are landlords responsible for home invasion (break-in) injuries?

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When you exchange money for a rental home, you are entitled to more than mere shelter. You also have the right to live free of worry about suffering an injury on the premises. In other words, your landlord must ensure the premise remains reasonably safe from accidents and criminal activity.

If the property owner fails to take reasonable steps to ensure your safety, you may qualify for a premises liability lawsuit against the landlord. Most people assume these lawsuits are only available to address an accident on the property. However, pursuing a claim is also an option after suffering injuries caused by criminal activity.

What are some examples of negligent security?

To qualify for a claim involving negligent security, you must show how your landlord’s action or inaction caused or contributed to your injuries.

Say you told your landlord that your door lock was broken and asked them to repair it several times. If they never fixed the lock and you suffered injuries in a home invasion, you might have cause to file a premises liability lawsuit.

In another example, say that you live in an area of Mississippi with a high criminal element. You notice that several outdoor lights in your apartment building parking lot no longer work. If you reported this to your landlord and they failed to repair the problem, you may have grounds for a lawsuit if someone robs or attacks you in the parking lot.

When you report security issues to your landlord, they must correct the problems and make the premises as safe as reasonably possible. If they fail to do so, a premises liability claim empowers you to hold the landlord accountable and secure financial damages (compensation) for your harm.

Learning more about Mississippi premises liability and injury laws can help you find a satisfactory legal solution for your negligent security injuries.

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