Were You Assaulted On Someone Else’s Property?

Security in public places, including parking lots, shopping centers, hotels, concerts and clubs, is an important matter. Business owners have an obligation to keep their guests reasonably safe. When they fail to maintain an adequate level of security on their premises, terrible things can happen.

Business owners can – and should – be held liable when they are negligent about security, and they allow foreseeable dangers to go unchecked. If you were injured in an assault on someone else’s property, the attorneys at Bailey, Womble & Yelton can protect your rights and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

What Is A Negligent Security Lawsuit?

Negligent or inadequate security cases are a type of premises liability claim. They aim to hold property owners and other responsible parties liable when they fail to protect guests from injuries caused by third parties due to a lack of security.

Some examples of negligent or inadequate security measures include:

  • Security guards who regularly skip their patrol or fall asleep on duty
  • Security cameras that are inoperable or poorly maintained
  • A failure to add security guards despite knowledge that there have been recent assaults in the area or previous assaults on tenants or guests
  • Propping open a secure door for deliveries or other reasons
  • Inadequate lighting in parking lots or near building entrances
  • A failure to evict guests that have exhibited violent or dangerous behavior
  • Failure to control access to common areas of a hotel or condo
  • Failure to install proper locks on doors and windows

All of these things make it easy for vicious attacks to take place, including robberies, shootings and sexual assaults. Proper security measures do a great deal to discourage criminal activity before it happens.

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