Serious Attorneys Helping People Injured In Drunk-Driving Accidents

Drunk driving car crashes occur far too often in Mississippi, like they do elsewhere across the U.S. A late night gambling at the local casino, one more drink for the road following a business meeting or an underage driver sneaking home on the back roads: All can be recipes for disaster. A buzzed or tipsy driver is still driving under the influence of alcohol, endangering all those who share the road with him or her.

Serious Attorneys Helping The Seriously Injured

Chances are, you or a loved one will be in the wrong place at the wrong time at some point during your life. If you are suffering from injuries sustained in a drunk driving accident, we can help.

The lawyers at Bailey, Womble & Yelton provide compassionate and professional legal help to those injured in motor vehicle accidents throughout north Mississippi. With a proven track record of success obtaining multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for our seriously injured clients, we will guide you and your family through the claim process so you can concentrate on your recovery.

Helping Accident Victims Receive The Compensation They Deserve

Casinos often offer free drinks to their customers, encouraging them to gamble more. Unfortunately, this may result in serving people who are already intoxicated, creating an increased possibility that they will drive while drunk when they leave.

In Mississippi, if a business serves alcohol to someone who is already intoxicated, and that drunk driver causes a motor vehicle accident, the casino may be responsible for any resulting injuries. Pursuing the serving company for losses resulting from a drunk driving accident is known as a dram shop claim, allowing injured victims to receive more needed compensation.

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