Defending You Against DUI Charges In North Mississippi

Mississippi DUI laws have been amended over the years to reduce the limits for blood alcohol content and to penalize drunk drivers more and more. Today the BAC limit at which someone can be charged with drunk driving is .08, which is about three drinks for an average person. The penalties for a conviction can be devastating for anyone who needs to drive — which includes all adults.

Many people — and regrettably, many attorneys — take the position that defending a DUI case is like playing a ball game as a heavy underdog. You are not supposed to win, so why even show up to play the game. At Bailey, Womble & Yelton in Batesville, Mississippi, we take a different approach.

Attorneys Who Will Fight DUI Cases

Our lawyers have a track record for successfully defending DUI cases. One recent case we handled — a case involving the Intoxilyzer 8000 Breathalyzer machine — was written up in USA Today.

There are not many lawyers in north Mississippi who will try DUI cases as aggressively as we do. You may be an underdog in a DUI case, but there are defenses if you hire an attorney who understands DUI laws and your constitutional rights.

DUI defense is often based on uncovering mistakes made by the arresting officer or challenging the Breathalyzer evidence. Like turnovers in a football game, your lawyer can take advantage of the other side’s mistakes and turn them to your advantage.

Free Attorney Consultation

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