Did A Distracted Driver Cause Your Car Accident?

How many times have you witnessed another driver swerve in traffic or nearly cause an accident because he or she was distracted? Distracted driving accidents happen every day, and the damage they cause can be enormous.

If you have been involved in a distracted driving accident caused by another driver’s careless attitude toward safety, the attorneys at Bailey, Womble & Yelton can help. We take an aggressive stance against the insurance companies for all our injured clients and protect their rights.

What Are The Causes Of Distracted Driving?

The vast majority of distracted driving claims are related to cellphone use. It is important to understand that even if a driver is legally using his or her cellphone behind the wheel, that does not excuse him or her from liability for a careless accident.

Cellphones are not the only cause of distracted driving accidents, however. While the popularity of smartphones may have aggravated the issue, distracted driving has long been a problem. Some of the most common causes of distracted driving accidents include:

  • Eating in the car after pulling out of a drive-thru
  • Drinking (or spilling) coffee
  • Using the rearview mirror to shave or apply makeup
  • Adjusting the radio
  • Lighting a cigarette or smoking
  • Using the car’s GPS
  • Arguing with passengers
  • Turning around to tend to children in the back seat

If you suspect that your accident was caused by a distracted driver, make sure to inform your attorney. Cellphone records, witness statements and photos can often be used to provide proof that a driver was distracted behind the wheel and establish liability for an accident.

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