Defending You Against Accusations Of White Collar Crimes

Mistakes in your personal and professional life have the potential to haunt you for the rest of your life. An arrest or accusation of criminal activity can ruin a person’s reputation, career and home life in the blink of an eye, especially in the tightknit communities of north Mississippi.

A criminal case may be won or lost by what you say or do in the first few hours after an arrest. If you are facing criminal allegations, do not talk to law enforcement agents — or anyone else — about your case before you talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Aggressive And Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers In Mississippi

Since 1967, the law firm of Bailey, Womble & Yelton has provided professional legal assistance to people charged with crimes throughout north Mississippi. With a reputation for excellence, respect and professionalism, when you need a lawyer, people in this community will tell you, “You’ve got to go talk to Bailey, Womble & Yelton.”

Combining our talents and personalities allows our attorneys to provide you with the highest possibility of success when you need help defending yourself from white collar crimes, including:

  • Bribery of public officials
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • Gaming violations
  • Money laundering

Respect. Results. Relief.

A mistake should not affect your entire future. Our attorneys understand how important it is to protect your reputation as well as your rights. Let Bailey, Womble & Yelton provide you with the support, guidance and expertise you deserve during this difficult time.

Immediately following an arrest or notification of an investigation, contact us online or call us in Batesville at 662-267-1776 or toll-free at 866-970-4650. Your initial consultation with our lawyers is free, and, for your convenience, we accept credit cards.