Did A Trucking Company’s Negligence Cause Your Accident?

Many truck accidents could be entirely prevented if trucking companies followed the proper safety procedures. Unfortunately, trucking companies and their drivers often flout the rules and violate the law to save money.

At Bailey, Womble & Yelton, our lawyers represent truck accident victims and their families. When a trucking company violates safety regulations, we aim to hold that company responsible for the injuries and wrongful deaths caused by its negligence.

What Kinds Of Safety Lapses Lead To Deadly Truck Accidents?

There are numerous laws that apply to the commercial truck industry. Some were created by the state of Mississippi specifically for drivers on its roads, while others created by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) apply all over.

Some of the most common rule violations include:

  • Skipped rest breaks – When a commercial truck driver fails to take required rest brakes, a tired or drowsy driver may cross the center lines into oncoming traffic, drift across lanes or rear-end another vehicle.
  • Shoddy maintenance practices – Poorly maintained tires and brakes are a common problem with commercial trucking companies, putting both their drivers and the public at risk.
  • Weight and load violations – There are weight restrictions on how much a given truck can haul and rules about how each load must be secured for good reason. An overloaded truck is hard to steer and brake. A load that suddenly shifts can cause a truck to topple onto another vehicle.

Trucking companies often try to hide the evidence of their negligence after an accident. That is what makes it so important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident with a commercial vehicle. Your attorney will work to obtain the logbooks, maintenance records, dispatch records, gas station receipts, GPS records and the truck’s onboard “black box” – before any of those things go missing.

We Know The Rules Trucks Are Supposed To Follow

Accidents involving trucks are unlike ordinary car accident claims. The rules involving commercial vehicles are complex. The evidence is complicated to follow. Get an attorney with experience handling these kinds of claims.

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