The catastrophic danger of a tanker truck accident

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Tanker trucks are seen on interstates around the country each day. These very large trucks transport gasoline, milk, and other liquids. The truckers who drive them have some very special considerations to think about when they’re on the road. 

Truckers must put safety first or they can put innocent people at great risk. There are several things that can go wrong with these specialized semitrucks. Regardless of the reason for the crash, occupants of nearby vehicles can suffer catastrophic and potentially fatal injuries.

Type of load matters

The type of load in the tanker truck plays a primary role in the safety of the rig. This doesn’t mean what the tanker is carrying. Instead, it has to do with how full the tanker truck is. Partially filled tanks are more likely to slosh and surge than full tanks, so this makes a partial load more hazardous than a full load.

Driver errors are catastrophic

At least 80% of all tanker truck rollover crashes are due to driver errors. Some of these drivers are seasonal. Others, such as those who drive septic system trucks, are often focused on their other duties and don’t really think of themselves as truckers. Placing safety as a priority can help everyone make it home.

Anyone who’s in a crash with a tanker truck should seek out medical care. The risk of hidden injuries after a crash of any sort should encourage victims to have an evaluation. These wrecks can lead to considerable financial damages for the victims. They may opt to pursue a claim for compensation from the negligent party. This can help them to recover the costs related to the crash. Mississippi law limits the time you can file a claim, so get started right away. 

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