Common causes of speeding on the roads

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Before being granted driving privileges in Mississippi, individuals must typically take lessons and pass a series of tests. A large part of this requirement is to help ensure that drivers understand the risks involved and how to drive responsibly.

For the most part, drivers take this on board and go on to drive responsibly for years. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Some road users go on to routinely break the speed limits and engage in other types of careless driving practices. What motivates people to do this?

Time constraints

Many people utilize driving as their main mode of transport. They take the car to work, and their employers expect them to be there on time. During rush hour, there can be delays which means road users can run late for work. If this happens often enough then they may face disciplinary measures and even lose their job. For this reason, a minority of drivers might take the chance of exceeding the speed limit, so that they make it to work on time. Not only does this place them in danger, but it also poses a risk to everyone around them.


There are laws in place to punish drivers who operate their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These laws aren’t there for no reason, they are intended to prevent accidents and keep road users and pedestrians safe. Being intoxicated means that a person is no longer able to concentrate as effectively and their interpretation of how fast they are going will be skewed. This is exceptionally dangerous because reaction times also decrease with intoxication, meaning that there is little chance of an impaired driver braking in time to prevent serious damage to themselves and others.

Thousands of Americans are injured and killed by speeding drivers every year. If you have been injured this way, then you may be able to hold the negligent party to account and seek legal compensation for your suffering.

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