Be careful on social media until your car crash case is resolved

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The aftermath of a car crash can be difficult to process. Not only are many car crash victims forced to grapple with physical injuries and financial challenges, but the mental and emotional trauma of the event can roll over someone in waves. 

In the Digital Age, millions of people utilize social media – to one degree or another – as a resource for processing major life events. They post out of celebration and they post in grief. They post when they are passionate about a cause and they post when they are struggling to process their trauma. 

There is nothing “wrong” in the least with posting about your personal experiences on your accounts. However, posting about virtually anything at all – whether it relates to your recent accident or not – could ultimately undermine the strength of your case. 

Why is posting hazardous right now?

If you’re like millions of other Americans, you likely don’t think twice before glancing at your phone screen. Interacting with electronic devices is now so ingrained in how society operates that the idea of being told that you can’t do whatever you want on your device might be jarring. 

The bottom line is that both insurance claims adjusters and opposing counsel are almost certainly going to monitor your social media accounts – and may even request emails, texts, search history, etc. in order to see if they can compromise the strength of your case. 

“But I won’t post anything about my accident!” you may be thinking. Just know that even a seemingly innocent post – like a photograph of you holding your child – could be manipulated or misinterpreted to make it seem as if you aren’t as hurt as you claim to be. 

Seeking legal guidance can help you to make informed decisions that will strengthen – not weaken – your legal position at this time. As you deserve whatever rightful compensation you’re seeking, it’s important to maintain the strength of your case until it is fully resolved. 


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