What causes rear-end collisions?

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Any type of road traffic collision can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. However, drivers and passengers are often particularly exposed during rear-end collisions. This is because victims (especially in the lead vehicle) do not anticipate a collision, so they have no opportunity to brace themselves for impact.

These are some of the most common causes of rear end collisions:


Tailgating refers to a car that is traveling too closely behind another. This can occur for numerous reasons, but it is often the result of impatience and aggression. The National Safety Council recommends that vehicles keep at a distance of at least three seconds from the car in front of them. This means that it should take a minimum of three seconds for the trailing vehicle to pass the same spot.


Not all rear-end collisions are the result of tailgating. Many accidents of this kind are born out of driver distractions. For example, a driver’s cell phone may go off and they take a look. Studies indicate that it can take up to five seconds just to read a short text. In driving terms, this means covering the distance of an entire football field blindly. Drivers engaged in this behavior will not spot hazards, including people and other vehicles.

Rear-end collisions can result in traumatic brain injuries, spinal damage, bone fractures and numerous other types of harm. If you have been affected by this type of crash or any other traffic incident resulting from another’s actions or inactions, you could be entitled to financial compensation. This won’t undo the accident, but it will help to cover your loss of earnings and medical bills while you focus on recovering.

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