How to strengthen your car crash injury claim if you have no dashcam

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Technology has brought us to a new level of obtaining evidence. CCTV cameras catch assaults, and dashcams record car crashes. Footage from these devices can be helpful when filing injury claims. However, there are people who have yet to get their hands on these tools. In their case, they would have to resort to other evidence to support their case.


If there were people in the area who witnessed the vehicle collision, you could reach out to them to help you give details about the incident to the police and insurance company. A person’s testimony about the crash’s impact and aftermath, among other things, can help you back up your injury claim.

Public and private CCTVs

Most public highways and roads in the U.S. have CCTV cameras. While not all streets have them, CCTVs are also widely available in neighborhoods, with private individuals installing them for safety purposes. If you discover that the house or shop where the car crash occurred has a CCTV, you can request the footage to help your case.

Other dashcams

Even if you do not have a dashcam, other vehicles do. This is especially applicable to collisions in busy roads and throughways. While you may not catch the plate numbers of cars passing through, you talk to those who stopped or slowed down and ask them if they can provide a copy of their dashcam footage of the accident, if caught on their camera.

Search all possible proofs

Of course, it is possible that there were no eyewitnesses during the collision or that you were unfortunately hit in a no-CCTV zone. You may start feeling helpless at this point but know that there are many possible proofs to support your case. Some evidence may be unconventional, while others may have slipped your mind. It is important to go into every detail and check all angles of the incident.

If you have no idea where to start looking, you can request guidance from a legal professional to help you navigate through the process of gathering evidence to strengthen your case.

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