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Issues with bedsores can be a sign of poor medical support

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Older adults are medically vulnerable in many cases. Families may make the difficult decision to move an older adult into a nursing home when they require more support than their children or other loved ones can consistently provide. They may experience cognitive issues because of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease that make them dependent on others for basic daily needs. They may have health issues that require supervision and the administration of specialized medical care. Decreased physical strength and healing capabilities may mean that older adults are largely sedentary and rely on health or tasks like showering and dressing.

There are many medical risks that come with advanced age and living in a nursing home. For example, especially if someone has limited mobility, they are at risk of developing bedsores because of how much time they spend sitting or lying down. Although there is a strong association between living in a nursing home facility and developing bedsores generally, the presence of multiple sores or those that have developed into advanced stages are often a warning sign of poor care standards at a facility.

Bedsores are largely preventable and treatable

Some people are more prone to the development of bedsores than others, and even the most diligent caregivers may sometimes discover the warning signs of an early-stage bedsore on an individual in their care. However, frequent inspections and regular assistance in moving and rotating patients can help detect bedsores and prevent them from developing or worsening after they form.

When bedsores don’t receive proper diagnosis and treatment, they may worsen and eventually cause serious health issues for residents. These wounds can cause infections, severe pain and tissue damage. Given the likelihood of bedsores developing, checking for them should be a standard part of patient care at nursing home facilities.

When family members discover that a loved one has numerous bedsores, especially if they have progressed beyond the skin into deeper tissue, those pressure ulcers may be an indicator of negligent care at a residential facility. Pursuing a nursing home negligence lawsuit can help families cover the cost of treating severe bedsores and possibly even moving their loved one to a facility with better care standards.

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