The negligence of overloading trucks and its threat to road safety

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For transport and logistics companies, loading several cargoes in trucks, even beyond the allowed weight, may be efficient for their business since it means fewer trips for them. Unfortunately, this practice can lead to serious consequences, the top one being road accidents and catastrophic injuries.

Series of events truck overloading may lead to

While it may not always be the case, overloading can cause the driver difficulty handling the truck, such as turning, changing lanes and pulling the breaks. This increases the risk of the truck toppling over, rolling over or hitting other vehicles.

Moreover, if the loader misplaces the cargo on top of overloading, it can cause the trailer (the back part of the truck) to move faster than the cab (the front part of the truck), leading to jackknifing incidents. Jackknifing usually leads to multiple-vehicle crashes. Basically, overloading paired with improperly placed cargo is an accident waiting to happen.

Truck overloading: a violation of trucking regulations

The law places trucking regulations on cargo weight primarily to avoid road accidents. Trucking companies and their drivers must be responsible, not only with how they drive the trucks, but also with how they secure the cargo. Failure to follow these protocols, which leads to another person’s injuries or death, will be a cause for liability.

Remedies for victims of truck overloading accidents

Truck accidents leave victims with so many emotions and losses. Not only do they deal with the physical pain of the injuries and recovery thereof, but they also face lost wages, diminished future earnings and pain and suffering, among others.

Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit for compensation can cover all of those economic and noneconomic damages. Understanding the trucking regulations in connection to the case can help a victim claim what they deserve. Moreover, having a competent personal injury legal representative can help a victim maximize the damages they can recover.

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