What situations lead to product recalls?

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Many products that people use every day have the potential to cause serious injuries, but only if they have some kind of defect. Ideally, manufacturers would account for potential flaws in their products and correct them before they release them for sale, but this is not always the case.

Sometimes a company learns that their product can injure someone due to a previously undiscovered problem. If so, you may receive a recall. A product recall can happen due to different circumstances.

Prior complaints

If a manufactured good is defective, chances are somebody will find out about it when they use the product only for it to malfunction. This could lead to the user notifying the company about the defect. For example, according to Consumer Reports, automobile producers sometimes receive complaints from customers who find problems with a vehicle.


Warranty claims can also signify a malfunctioning product. Many companies offer warranties guaranteeing that their products work properly or they will replace or repair the product. Someone using a warranty can signal that a whole line of goods may contain defective parts.

Government investigations

Sometimes customers complain to a government agency that oversees a certain industry. This can happen particularly when safety issues are at stake. For instance, people whose cars pose a possible hazard due to a defect might register a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Government agency investigations sometimes find that a manufacturer acted in a deceptive manner. This can lead to legal trouble. For example, an automobile producer must report a safety problem to the government soon after discovering the issue. The manufacturer must also not downplay the flaw in question. Otherwise, this could lead to a government fine for each violation.

USA Today reported that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled 292 products in 2022. Given that recalled items can cause injury, a manufacturer might incur liability for the harm caused.

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